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Club Info Page

2019 Club Officers
President: Geoff Benson - (919) 954-8323 Vice President: Dennis Phillips (919) 876-6761
Treasurer: Bruce H Secretary: Nancy B
Social Committee: Alice G, Susan R, Harriet R, Donna S Sunshine: Lanier M
Webmaster: Jill S Lunch Bunch: Becky W

2019 Club Social Calendar
January 22 - Everybody's Birthday March 12 - St. Patrick's Day
April 16 - Game Night at the Wood's July 2 - 4th of July
July 14 (Sunday) - Annual Dance. Dancing Couple 2:30-5:30 PM: Mainstream, Plus and Rounds - Southern Star Ballroom. Scott Bennett and Greg Jones, callers. Jim & Priscilla Adcock, cuers.
July 30 - 5th Tuesday – NO DANCE August 20 - Ice Cream Night
October 1 - Game Night (treat as 5th Tuesday) October 29 - Halloween Party
December 17 - Holiday Party
December 24 - Christmas Eve – NO DANCE December 31 - New Year’s Eve – NO DANCE

Dues: Club members each pay $20 per month to cover costs.
Guests: Visiting experienced square dancers are welcome to join us for occasional visits.
Capital Squares Club Bylaws.

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